Yellow jeans Kayden K, similar - Grey top Zara, similar - Lavender top Forever 21, similar 

Textile pin from market in Argentina, but this one from Etsy won my heart

Grey perforated suede flats Dr. Scholl's, identical in green on sale - Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli
Yellow and grey have been a favourite combination since high school. The first time I saw these colours together was on a pair of trousers from the Esprit brand. Since then I've been sold, even though I don't recur to it as often as I'd like... What is your fave color combination these days ?

From 2012

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It's 2012 in this post, same day but five years ago. The green Tahari dress is the only surviving piece in my closet, everything else has been given way. Now, even if the accessories existed I would not wear them If I could go back and change something, it would be the butterfly pendant, which I would remove. I'd also chose a different bag. 
Is there anything you wore in the past that to haunts you when you look at pictures ?

Professor's Workshop

Black trousers - Black satin top H&M - Black Gabe blazer Theory, identical - Black bow flats Kate Spade, similar 

Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli - Vintage scarf

As a child all I could think of career wise was of becoming a teacher. Through the years I have taken small steps toward that direction, the last one was getting my Masters in Education. 

Weeks ago I was approached by a local university to conduct a few workshops for professors and as you can imagine I jumped at the opportunity. For weeks I prepared and the day before, as only Murphy's law would have it, I got laryngitis and could not utter a word. A visit to the doctor, medicines and hours of silence had me ready for my workshop. Oh, and this is what I wore ;)