Turquoise Straw Bag

White shorts Larry Levine, similar - Pink Polo shirt Ralph Lauren, similar - Silk on shoes flats - Straw bag no brand 

I admit to having mixed feelings when I saw that straw bags in all sizes, shapes and of all eras (hello there vintage!) were back. I was just to put this large turquoise straw bag with sequins in the give away bag when I saw its peers in blogs everywhere. I'd usually wear it to the beach and on Sundays to our weekend home. But now you may see it more often as its staying and getting some wear with everyday outfits. Have you resuscitated the straw bag ? 

Straw bags I have my eyes on:

Two years ago today

Black pencil skirt Apt. 9 - Nude heels Sam Edelman
Just a few days ago I wore this black pencil skirt in another post. I thought I'd see how I wore this same garment two years ago and searched the blog. I have to admit that it looks so much better in 2015, the skirt fit better, the nude heels are superior to the Mary Janes shoes that make my legs look shorter as they visually cut my legs.. the entire outfit had better styling. You'd think after wearing it right once, I could only improve, well it's not the case, it's a constant hit and miss.

Original post here

The Black Pencil skirt:

Kimono wear

Printed open kimono Forever 21, similar - White shorts Larry Levine - Mint tank top - Nude flats Sam Edelman 

Coach tassel hand bag 

If you are a regular visitor, you probably know that I have multiples of everything. I am a collector.
But, I will not be getting into that subject, at least not today. 
So, I have several kimono, kimono-esque garments in the closet that I literally never wear and when I see fellow blogger Mica wear hers so well I tell myself that I should wear mine.  
Today I I finally did and now that I look at it, or at least this particular one, I think the reason it does not get much wear might be the odd length. Also, the fact that I don't really know what to do with the ends: let them hang ? tie them like I did ?  How to you wear yours ? Feel free to leave a link ;) 

Summery kimonos:

Better untucked

Jeans Gap - Chambray shirt Stradivarius - Nude heels Sam Edelman - Houndstooth print hand bag no brand

I have to admit I felt good wearing this outfit but after seeing the pictures, all I can say is that it must have looked so much better with the shirt untucked..