Fixing your hand bag handle

It's happened way too many times: new bags, old bags, expensive and not so much. Whatever material the handle has been covered with, it begins to crack, tear, peel or just plain fall apart. This is what happened to my extra large straw bag and I was not ready to let go. Keep on reading if you want to know how to repair your hand bag handle. 

Depending on the type of bag, choose your materials. In my case since the bag is informal and straw, I went for leftover fabric from a dress I made. If it were leather I'd probably buy velvet or satin ribbon.

You will need: a pair of scissors, material of your choice and stainless fast drying glue for fabric.

Step 1: Clean and remove all the previous material or as much as you can. I used a dry cloth and then a toothbrush. Afterwards I used a damp cloth and then let air dry for about thirty minutes. This will help glue adhere better.
Step 2: While the handles dry, cut the fabric in several long strips or one long one. 

Step 3: As the handle straps have dried, begin to cover with glue the part where the handle begins, close to the bag. Wrap the fabric around the handles tightly, do it adding glue where needed. Always making sure you cover the damaged handle. If you cut the fabric in several long strips like me, you will have to stop to get another piece of fabric and continue glueing until you have reached the other side of the handle. Once there, cut off any remaining fabric and add glue to the edges to keep it in place and then use a clothes pin to hold it.
Step 4: Let it dry for at least one day before use... and voilá you've added more wears to your bag !

Quiet style

Black trousers Mossimo - Cream drawstring top Kenneth Cole - Black flats Me Too 

Gold tone bag chain that belonged to this bag worn as necklace with vintage brooch

While I am not wearing any particular trend today, sometimes while getting dressed I ask myself if I am wearing too many of them at once. 
For me there is such a thing called too much "on trend", which I shy away from, as I think it may seem as a desperate scream to look stylish. I prefer quiet style. 
An example would be wearing a cold shoulder top paired with a floral skirt, the it belt matched with fish net stockings and velvet shoes. Oh, lets not forget the bag, the Cut Gaia Ark one... 
While I have probably everything on the list except the belt and bag I prefer to wear trends separately, let them have their moment. Well, maybe just two at a time. How about you ? 

Pin Clutter

Trousers NYDJ - Green Cardigan 525 America - Green tee shirt Charter Club - Suede shoes Breckelle's
Satchel Stella Rittwagen - Vintage pins: cameo, silver filigree flower bouquet, green stone gold tone brooch.  

Last week I chose to challenge myself on wearing pins and brooches in multiple ways. I did several days in a row and then I took a break. Today I thought I'd make another attempt, this time with a pin clutter on my green cardigan. Most of these are vintage with the exception of the small orange flower. As for the bag, I recently re discovered my Stella Rittwagen bronze like satchel and thought it was time for it to see the light on day, purchased in 2015, there is not a single post where I am wearing it...

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Ruffles & Bows

Grey blazer Suizie Shier - Ruffle tee shirt Talbots  - Black trousers Mossimo - Light blue bow flats Gio Zanotti
Satchel bag Stella Ritwaggen

I'm a sucker for a good bow and ruffle, as long as they are correctly placed, not overdone or overpowering the entire look. Because we've all seen that, specially if you were conscious in the 80's.
I think bows and ruffles are family, so it was an easy match to pair these subtle pieces that share family ties and colour: ruffle tee shirt and bow flats. Which do you prefer, bows or ruffles ?

Ruffled tees: