Strange habits

Printed flower tee Forever 21 - Yellow jeans Kayden K, almost identical here 

Black tote Roberto Cavalli, similar via Poshmark  

Black sunglasses Prada Baroque on super sale here
Black scallop Alaine flats Sam Edelman, here in pink

The other day as I was reading this post on famous women and their strangest habits, I thought about my own strange habits.  I am pretty sure I have mentioned it,  I have the strange habit of reading for rent ads and real estate listings, I'll even call and ask about certain aspects of the properties ! 
Another oddity is I will use every.single.drop of every single product I own.  Do you have any strange habits ? 
El otro día mientras leía este artículo sobre mujeres famosas y sus raras costumbres, pensé en las mías. Estoy segura de haberlo mencionado, tengo la inusual costumbre de leer la sección del periódico que lista las propiedades a la venta y en alquiler, a veces hasta llamo para preguntar ! Otra costumbre es la de utilizar todos.los.productos que tengo hasta la última gota. Y tú ? tienes alguna costumbre poco usual ?

Beauty expenses

Jeans Banana Republic Urban Boot Cut, similar - White sleeveless ruffle blouse Bizz 

Grey top Zara, very similar here - Grey and yellow pumps Kelsi Dagger 

Black tote Roberto Cavalli 

Handmade yellow and grey textile earrings from @chabelasicz.ecotextiles - Skagen mesh watch, similar 
Silver bead bracelet Forever 21, similar 

It's been a very agitated month.
I've had meetings, evening dinners and so on. As I was looking for coins in my wallet, I came across one too many receipts of my latest expenses at the hair and nail salon. Out of curiosity I began to add these up and I stopped adding when I realised I had spent over 150.00 USD in one month. This is a lot for me and can only wonder how much is your spending average at the salon for getting nails and hair done ?
Este ha sido un mes algo agitado.
He tenido reuniones, cenas y otros compromisos al que asistir. Mientras buscaba unas monedas en mi billetera, encontré varios recibos de mis últimos gastos de peluquería y uñas. Por curiosidad empecé a sumar los recibos y paré cuando me di cuenta que ya llevaba mas de 150.00 USD en un mes. Esto es bastante para mi y sólo puedo imaginar cuánto gastan en promedio otras personas, en tu caso cuánto gastas mensualmente hacerte las uñas y cabello ?

Nothing new

Black trousers Mossimo, almost identical here  - Lavender blouse, almost identical here

Dark military green cardigan Zara, almost identical here - Black heels Oh Deer !, similar in satin here

Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli 

Silver tone bead bracelet, Forever 21 but here is a set I'd love - Skagen mesh watch, similar here
Nothing new here, literally speaking, as I am wearing items that have been around for long, because it's about building a closet, creating different styles and not just adding more stuff... which of course I do too. However its not my main goal here. The idea of coming up with different outfits that represent my persona is what I really attempt. Funny how years later I can still be so wrong with certain choices, but not today- I'm totally digging today's look. 

Shoe life expectancy

I expect whatever it is I buy to work for me. I expect a good run out of my little or big investments, the way I measure them is through cost per wear (CPW). However I always stop to ask myself: how long is this suppose to last ?

In this case, precisely: How long are shoes supposed to last ? Having worked for several years in the shoe industry it is a question I had not stopped to ask myself until now. Lately I have been noticing that my shoes have a tendency to fall apart, wether cheap or expensive. Wether leather, plastic or pleather, if you want to get fancy or textile, they just don't hold up. They should, most have some brand backing them up and it's not like I walk in puddles or use public transportation. 

So, I thought I would share with you the journey of one pair of shoes, burgundy patent pleather tassel heeled loafers by Koaj, purchased in Colombia in October 2013 (to le left) and how they look today.

I am editing them from my closet, but before I do that I want you to look at both pictures and before scrolling down think of how many wears you think I got out of this pair of shoes in the four years I had them... and answer in the comments ;)  

First wear:  19.11.2013                  Second wear:  27.12.2013

04.09.2014                                            14.01.2015                         23.11.2015
Sixth wear: 22.02.2016

22.01.2017                 16.10.2017

06.11.2017                             25.10.2017

So ? how many wears do you think I got out of these shoes ? Hint: the right answer can be found counting the images. 

Not ready

Green, brown and grey color block dress Forever 21, cool option here - Grey bag Ferragamo -
Grey perforated flats Dr. Scholl's, similar
I have no idea where the last six months went, but in case you have not noticed: it's almost Christmas and year's end. Unlike other years I am so not ready. Are you ? 

Peplum Possibilities

Burgundy peplum top Forever 21, almost identical on sale here 

Black heels Oh Deer! - Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli - Black and white beaded necklace similar

Peplum made a come back sometime around 2011-2012 and I have not seen anyone in a peplum top for quite a long time. 
The fact that it's not one of the current "hot" trends does not mean I am to vanish it from my closet. I can layer it, I can tuck it in, belt it.. there are so many possibilities ! 
The fact that I have not seen someone wearing peplum in a while was just the perfect reason for me to wear my one and only peplum garment today, because the odds of finding someone else wearing the same outfit are close to none. Are there any peplum garments in your wardrobe ?


Black trousers - White ruffle sleeve blouse Bizz, similar
Black tweed blazer Xhilaration, similar

Taupe block heels Breckelle's, similar - Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli

White ruffle sleeve blouse Bizz, similar, Brooch similar here
Wearing my tweed blazer today, thought I might use the term "tweeding" a in "wearing tweed". Luckily there is Google and I searched before posting and learned that tweeding actually means "private gain and public expense" (full definition here). There's none of that here. 

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Old lady shoes

Black trousers Zara - Red top Carven, similar here - Black Gabe blazer Theory identical here
Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli 

Black leather "old lady shoes" from Spain, similar from Chanel under 200.00 USD here

Vintage gold coin brooch, cool another coin pin here

These Spanish made shoes have been around for a long while. They're of supple black leather and a dream to wear, so it was a no brainer to sport them for a meeting. Funny thing is I don't wear them much as they seem very conservative, even for my own conventional style. 
Then I read somewhere that old lady shoes were back, or notYou know, the shoes that you just don't like and then begin to see everywhere and you begin to accept. Now, without even noticing, I have been gravitating towards these styles, for example these brown amaretto square toe beauties or these lavender mules.  I might ask to be buried in these

What's your take on these old lady shoe styles ? Yay or nay ?

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Gang's Hideout

Black trousers Mossimo - Grey top Pretty Good similar here - Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli 


Sam Edelman "Sara"  black tweed and silver cap toe flat, similar Chanel under 400.00 USD here - Grey satin and lace top Pretty Good  

Although it was too dark when I got there, I could not resist taking pictures in front of the American Trade Hotel. The white building, originally conceived a 100 years ago by one of my fave architects, was first a department store and bank. Then, came its downfall (when it was a gang's hideout) then  it rose back to glory when the hotel opened... only to prove there's always possibility.

The first picture above is in front of its main entrance and if you look up, this is what the building looks like here today.

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Black and White Tweed

Black trousers Zara - Black tweed blazer Xhilaration, similar and gorgeous - Burgundy peplum top H&M, almost identical

Black vintage belt Celine Paris, another fab belt from Celine here - Burgundy tassel Koaj high heel loafers, similar in black  

Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli, similar 

I've had this black and white tweed blazer forever. It's been snug the last infrequent wears but I refuse to let go. I always tell myself that I will let it go the day I gift myself with its Chanel version, which is just an excuse, I know. So while I figure out its destiny, it was a good choice for a work meeting ;) 

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Shoe guilt

Striped jean dress DKNY, similar - White tee shirt - Nude flats Florence Coach - Red tote bag Victorinox, similar 

As mentioned yesterday we had a handful of days off and we spent the holidays in the city. One of these days we ventured to find my husband a pair of jeans. Oh, the joy of free the parking spaces in front of the mall, the happiness of empty fitting rooms... As he browsed the men's department I headed for the shoes. If you follow my insta stories (ATlorenapty) you'd see all of the shoes I tried on that day and here is where the gilt comes in: 7 pairs later.  It's probably the most shoes I have ever bought in one outing.  What's your latest gilt, when it comes to shopping ? 

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